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  1. MrMaxEllery


    Dec 3, 2013
    Hi there,
    My name's Max and I live in Brighton in the United Kingdom.
    I currently play in a Soul/Pop band that has a ska or a reggae kinda of vibe to it.
    I have been viewing this forum as a guest for a while now and decided to start commenting on the forum to expand my knowledge of the bass.
    I love bass and have done since the day I picked it up almost a year and a bit ago, I have practiced for about 2-3 hours daily in that time.
    Music theory didn't come easily but I have kept working at it daily and now feel I understand a range of scales well enough to solo by myself. I love the aesthetic side to basses as well as the tonality you can create. I try to play as many styles as possible with as many sounds as I can to improve my knowledge.
    If anyone wants to listen to some of the music my band plays to get a feel for my bass playing here is the link to our soundcloud.