Hi there! I'm a guitarist wanting to learn bass along the side :) With a story to tell as well...

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  1. WARNING: Really long read. Please proceed with free time and interest.

    Greetings all! I'm a 17 year old who's been playing guitar seriously for about 8 months now. I figured after a while that I was also interested in playing bass along the side, which led me to save up a ton of cash over the past few months and allow myself to get a nice affordable yet good quality bass and bass amp! But I recently returned the former and am looking towards getting it replaced for a better one. I'll talk more about this later.

    Anyway, story time! Just a few months ago I suddenly became very interested in the instrument after listening to some songs with amazing bass lines (i.e Longview by Green Day, Is This It by The Strokes, Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, and many more) and realizing that I really wanna emulate them. I also decided that I wanted to build up my rhythm skills and learn how to hold down a song and lock in tight with a drum beat/metronome.

    So I saved up a crap ton of money for a few months through gifts/weekly allowance (no part time job yet unfortunately...) and as a result, 2 days ago I was able to buy myself a Cort GB34J and a Hartke HD25 practice amp! Felt great to get the gear! What didn't feel great though, was the bass itself.

    I'm not exaggerating when I say that it neckdived like CRAZY! Even hanging some weights (rocks in a bag) on the body end, moving the bridge strap further up the body, and having a grippy 3" wide Warwick strap didn't help out. The horn strap button was even located just above the 12th fret too. I'm guessing the body (Agathis btw) was way too light and the tuners were way too heavy. Take note I don't have the option to just purchase Ultralight tuners all willy nilly where I live (Philippines btw, and even if I could I wouldn't have the money for it atm) so swapping out the tuners wasn't gonna be a viable option...

    I figured that this was gonna be very detrimental to my practice and technique since I am after all just a beginner and this is my first bass. So since the store only had a 3 day return policy I immediately booked it there earlier and told them I wanted to give it back. Since they don't do refunds (which sucks), I was told that I'd have my bass replaced with a new, non-neck diving one that they promised was really good. It's not coming in stock for them until January next year though so I have to wait out for a week for this thing, which is alright since I still have my amazing VM Squier Strat to keep me busy until then.

    It's gonna be a Jay Turser Jazz Bass apparently. Not really sure how good that brand is but I'm only really looking forward to it NOT neck diving. It's seriously all I'm hoping for at the moment.

    As for the amp? Sounds amazing for the price. Fits me very well as someone who wants to play at moderate volumes at times or just wants to go insane on others. Absolutely satisfied with Hartke at the moment and you'll find no complaints about them here :)

    Anyway, I signed up to this community to hopefully get some great resources for starting out on this instrument (properly this time, hopefully) soon and maybe make some friends with some fellow bassists who share the same interests :) So once again, Hi all :)

    P.S I promised myself that I wouldn't write a novel as a forum introduction this time, but I absolutely failed with that one. Again. I guess I'll just stick to this style from now on. I'm not really sure how many are gonna read everything though, oh well :p
  2. Read every word. Welcome.
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  3. Michael B

    Michael B

    Dec 16, 2015
    Lowell, MA
    Longview has a cool bass line. Even though the song doesn't swing it feels like it could have. That is a song my teacher assigned for me to learn. I hadn't really listened to any Green Day before that. Always good when you can broaden your tastes a bit. Interesting that he also had me do a Strokes song, Alone, Together.

    I also have a new appreciation for The Ramones for the same reason. Had a great time learning a cool bass line I would not have considered on my own.

    My advice on instrument choice would be to choose the bass yourself based on what you will enjoy NOT what the store guy recommends. There are some fantastic Squier VMs for example. Most instruments should not have balance issues. That shouldn't need to be the major factor in choosing a bass.

    I wonder if possibly the bass was too big for you? No offense meant, we all come in different sizes. It would be boring otherwise.

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  4. Instrument stores here in the Philippines have a very small selection of things to choose from, sadly. It's not like the US where places like Guitar Center would have almost every common instrument imaginable hanging on their wall. If I want something like a Fender P-Bass (my absolute dream bass atm), I'mma have to order it from a guitar store or online, and heaven only knows how much shipping to the Philippines would cost on top of the bass's price tag itself...You Westerners really ought to make yourselves feel lucky about what's available to you, I'll say that.

    As for my previous bass, I feel that my size, despite me being a really small guy via international standards (a somewhat lanky 5'4 Asian dude; 61kg last I checked) wasn't a factor at all that lead to my neck diving bass. I could honestly feel the headstock weigh down on me more than the body ever did, and I never really noticed that or checked for it back in the store since I was too excited to finally be able to own a bass, which was a terrible mistake I know. Rest assured I'll be a lot more professional and prepared next time.

    I also know that balance issues isn't the major factor for choosing bass, but I now go by the rule that no matter how great the instrument sounds and feels, if it dives on me, I leave it immediately. Also, since I'm just a beginner at the moment, I wouldn't really be able to tell a great bass tone from a bad one, and I'm mostly focusing on my technique right now. Honestly the Cort felt great on the hands. The only problem was me straining my left arm from holding the neck all the time or straining my right arm from exerting too much effort pushing the body down to keep it balanced, while picking at the same time. The guy at the store said the Jay's definitely gonna be well balanced and I'll have to go with it since I can't get my money back anymore...(would have tried out the Ibanez TMB 100 I saw at another store had I gotten a refund) Lesson learned for me.

    Anyway, it's nice to hear someone else having heard of The Strokes too. They're my absolute favorite band at the moment! Trying to learn all the guitar and bass parts now since I really want to get into doing covers of their songs. Not too hard, but very catchy and really captures the alternative indie vibe that I love hearing :D
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  5. Michael B

    Michael B

    Dec 16, 2015
    Lowell, MA
    Cool. Aren't there other dealers in Philipines where shipping would be reasonable. As far as tone goes, i was thinking you might choose based on the sounds that players you like use. For example if Longview was played on a P (i think it was but not 100% sure) then look for a Squier VM. Was thinkong since they could actually made in the Cort factory (like Schectors and Ibanez) that you would be closer geographically the we are in the US. You are right that being in the US we do lose sight of how easy it is to walk into a GC or buy from Sweetwater.
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  6. Actually it was played on a Gibson G3 (or a Grabber? I couldn't tell since they both look almost exactly alike...)

    As for guitar dealers, I suck at searching for stores that ship imported guitars at reasonable prices. There're probably tons that I haven't discovered...oh well.
  7. Michael B

    Michael B

    Dec 16, 2015
    Lowell, MA
    I was totally going off of his recent live setup where he uses a 58 P for the 'older' songs.
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  8. Michael B

    Michael B

    Dec 16, 2015
    Lowell, MA
    Ok, the nets seems to think a G3 will get that sound. Where he switched to a P later.

    I use a P for it. Think it sounds great.
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