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  1. Ok, this is a bit of an unusual offering. As I am cleaning out gear I don't use, I realized I've accumulated quite a few relatively high end cables over the years that I am not using. All of them are in 10/10 'as new' condition.

    If you are a gearhead and enjoy having the 'good stuff', this will be quite a deal for you:D

    All or nothing sale... NO TRADES, $150 Shipped to the lower 48. I don't do Paypal, and would prefer a check:

    Here is what the 'package' includes:

    1) Klotz T.M. Stevens 15' Angle/Straight. Very rubbery and lightweight, with cool orange plug casings. Sold by Roger Sadowsky a while back as his high end cable offering. New selling price around $80

    2) George L 15' and 10' straight to straight. Uber low capacitance and ultra thin wire. Great for bass to tuner to amp. New price for both... around $80

    3) Analysis Plus Black Oval. Straight to straight 10' and straight to angle 15'. Again, great for bass to tuner to amp. Very rubbery and VERY ruggedly built. New price for both round $145

    4) Mogami Gold Straight to angle 18'. New price around $60.

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    lol. i usually end up borrowing cables from people on gigs because mine are cutting out!
  3. It is a bit embarrassing owning all this stuff:p. Fun to clear some stuff out and hopefully let others enjoy it!

    This is one that I will consider a reasonable offer. More interested in cleaning out the closet and thinning the herd than anything.
  4. Sold, pending payment!

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