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High School audition tracks!

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by O.A.S.I, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. O.A.S.I


    Jan 10, 2009
    Oslo, Norway
    Hello there! I'm not completely shure this is the right forum for this thread, but feel free to move it and sorry for the trouble.

    At the moment May is at the door soon, and that's when I'm going to have my audition if you can call it that. I have sent my application to what would be the equal to a high school in the US of A which I am hoping to get a spot in and attend this autumn after the summer. Of course I'm nervous in front of this audition and it will be important that I get in (if not I will have to attend a school at the other side of town, but that's another story) so I'm seeking some advice on what to play and other stuff.

    I have about 10-12 minutes at my disposal to play, after that I will get a small test, recognizing intervals, the difference between major and minor, the circle of fifths and sight reading (which I don't have complete control of yet..), and repeting something my teacher plays. I am mainly seeking some advice on what to play.

    I know that I can play with a backing track, like playing to a song. But I don't want to do just that, and the plan is my dad will accompany me on piano for about half of the time and I will play with a playback song for the rest. I will have to work out a setlist. I don't know if it's important that's it's flashy or just that I play simple and with time and groove. But I will shure play something I can, rather than something I can't play a 100 %.

    I was thinking something like a ballad with my dad. Just grooving on them long notes, showing I have groove. Maybe play something stevie wonderish, like the standard you are the sunshine of my life. Or something like The long and Winding Road. Here I have to use my dad for all he's worth. He can play almost everything as he is a skilled composer and pianist.

    on my own I was thinking some funk tunes.. But I'm open to anything. Something that might go a little fast. I was thinking something not so slow and more fun.
    I was thinking of playing one these bassy songs
    Too young to die - Jamiroquai ( the first real song I learned :cool: )
    Return of the Space Cowboy - Jamiroquai
    Stillness in Time - Jamiroquai
    Bring on the night - The police (Even though it's not the hardest b-line it just is my favorite, along with walking on the moon)
    Ramble on - Led zeppelin

    well, I can play these songs fine. It's not my complete repertoire, but you get the idea. I just have to play something real and nice.

    I hope you can come with some suggestions.
    It's my first thread :bag:

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