SOLD Highly Efficient 2x12 Bass Speaker Cab - Faital 12PR300

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    Sep 29, 2012
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    I’m selling my handmade 2x12 bass cab to downsize to quieter cab. This cab was built using some of the finest speaker cabinet materials in the industry. The cab is constructed from baltic birch plywood and held together by wood glue, pneumatic nail gun nails, and internal bracing. The exterior was coated with two coats of Duratex truck bed liner for a durable finish.

    This speaker cab uses two Faital 12PR300 speakers and has two rear facing Precision Ports to tune it to around 50 Hz using WinISD speaker designer software. These speakers are some of the more efficient 12” speakers on the market. They can move a lot of air and this cab will get louder than your average 4x10 cab because of the speaker's high sensitivity. The cab was designed to be relatively flat in frequency response up to about 5000 Hz and have a tight bottom end (as opposed to being too boomy). It was designed to sound like two Fearless Bassic 12 cabs combined together.

    There is a single Neutrik speaker cable jack on the back and the cab is rated at 4 ohms. It weighs in just under 50 pounds - very light compared to your average 4x10!! The outer dimensions are as follows: 30” tall, 18” wide, 14.5” deep. This cab will definitely see a long life and it’s a shame I have to part with it.

    Price: $600. Local pickup only - I can meet you halfway up to a reasonable distance. Reach out to me if you live far away and I can see what we can work out.

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    Sure is pretty
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    That is bad ass!!!
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    Sep 29, 2012
    Update: I may consider shipping it now
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    Recently bought an amp off this gentleman in person, tried it out through this cab.
    Sad to say (for me), it stood toe-to-toe with my (much) more expensive Barefaced 2x12. KILLER deal here folks.
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    Sep 29, 2012
    Thanks for posting this! Yeah I spent a whole summer designing this cab from the ground up. Glad you could appreciate it! I’m only selling it because it’s just too big for what I’m doing nowadays. Going to design/find a smaller cab.
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    Sep 29, 2012