No longer available Hipshot, EMG, Aftermarket Bass Parts!

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  1. MCBass89


    Jul 29, 2009
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    Selling off parts from builds that I never got around too. These are all brand new and unused! All prices include shipping to CONUS/Canada.

    Open to trades.

    Best Bass Gear single string bridge Black (7) - $14 USD each - No Longer Available
    Hipshot 3/8" Ultralite Y Key Black (7) - $30 USD each - SOLD
    DR Dragon Skin 4 string set - $20 USD - SOLD
    Hipshot 6 string aluminum bridge Black (16.5mm spacing) - $120 USD - SOLD
    DR Sunbeam 6 string set - $30 USD - SOLD
    EMG 45HZ 6 string pickups - $80 USD each or $150 USD for the pair - TRADED
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