SOLD Hipshot HB6Y 1/2" UltraLite Tuner - 5 string set

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  1. Price:
    Up for sale: Hipshot Hipshot HB6Y 1/2" UltraLite Tuners - Shiny Nickels - 5 string set

    Letting them go for $75.00 CON US - USPS Priority.

    These are in great condition. 1 tuner has a few light scuffs - see the one on the left.
    Other wise they're mint, and perfectly functioning.

    These go for $150+ for a set of five new.

    They're configured currently for 2+3, however as you may know, they are completely reversible. I'm providing a new 1/16" Hex nut as well.

    I would have kept them however I need a smaller tuner peg hold on my next bass build.


    PM me if interested. Not interested in trades.

    Thanks for Looking!
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