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    So.....I have an older Drop-D or Xtender or whatever they were called back in the day for my John Wetton / John Deacon tribute bass. It is one of the old models that says Schaller on the body but Hipshot on the clover leaf.
    I just finished re-finishing the neck and I cannot find the screws that attach the base plate to the headstock. So I sent a note to Hipshot to see if they were still available and if I could buy them separately.
    They replied in a day and sent them to me for free.

    This is not my first very positive experience with this company either. Many years ago, I had a post on TB about fitment of some Hipshot tuners and one of their reps read the thread and PM'd me to help. I had the correct tuners that week and they shipped them before I even sent the other set back.

    Not many outfits like this around anymore and, in my opinion, it is worth a shout-out to recognize quality service.

    Thanks Hipshot!
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    Won't find any argument here :).