Hipshot type B vs Hipshot Vintage

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  1. Looking to try a hipshot bridge instead of the current BAII. It sustains well, but often I think it’s also a little bright. I was thinking about getting the hipshot vintage bridge, not being high mass it would also be about 4 oz lighter. I’m almost always a top loader, so string thru isn’t mandatory. I noticed that the B style bridge is the same price as the vintage, I’m curious how to choose between them? Does one do anything better than the other? Does anyone greatly prefer brass over aluminum?
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    Choose the one you think looks the best. That is the primary difference, though @JimmyM thinks aluminum is too bright.
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  3. I just subscribed to Bestbassgear to alert me when the vintage bridges are back in stock. Unless their are some recommendations that the B style would be better.
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    Actually, I just think they suck too much balls out of my sound. I don't know why...can't put my finger on it.
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    You can order direct from Hipshot. There's no need to wait for Beswtbassgear.
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  6. Looked like BBG is like 20$ cheaper than direct.
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    I like the HS Vintage bridges and have them on several basses. I even replaced the original bridge on my '08 Am Standard Jazz with one. It made a big difference in sound. More open and natural sounding to my ear.
    Honestly, I don't mind the plain old bent plate Fender bridges but the Hipshots are better made and a little easier to change strings.
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