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HIPSHOT Ultralight Y TUNERS 3/8" post

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by BassJunkie730, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. BassJunkie730


    Feb 3, 2005
    I bought these to upgrade a warwick that I ended up returning. I never used them - so they are brand spanking new. Satin Chrome

    $70 Shipped


    I'll post pics if you need them.
  2. teej


    Aug 19, 2004
    Sheffield, AL 35660
  3. maurilio

    maurilio Musician - Owner Mo's Shop & MBD - Tech Nordstrand Supporting Member

    May 25, 2003
    Redlands, CA
    Endorsing artist: Nordstrand - Genzler Amplification - Sadowsky - Dunlops Strings
    I know it's an old thread, but I'm wondering if you still have these HS!