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Hiss Noise from active Jazz Bass

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Mtoklitz22, Aug 14, 2020.

  1. Hello. I own an active Cort Action Bass V Plus Electric Bass Guitar. I use Behringer um2 as my audio interface and a late MacBook pro 2012 with logic pro 10.4.8. I plugin the bass to the DI port of my interface. I get a hiss sound from my guitar which is 4 months old. Both in active mode and passive mode. I'll attach a link below to give an example of the hiss in passive mode REGARDLESS of if I place my finger on the strings or not OR if the battery is brand new. But,I Love the tone though.

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    Could this be an issue with my audio interface? What issue do you guys think it might be? Please do ask for any questions you have in mind about my guitar. Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. I find some preamps are inherently noisy. While shielding all cavities and grounding it help some may be too noisy to clean up or quieten them sufficiently. In those cases replacing the preamp with a good one such as Bartolini may be the ticket
  3. The bartolini pups are quiet.Yes. But, from what I've heard and watched a couple of videos, it just couldn't get the jazz pip sound no matter what. That is what I don't want to lose. Turning down the treble helps TO AN EXTENT. I gotta see what I can do with EQing.
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