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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Mike Burduck, May 29, 2002.

  1. Mike Burduck

    Mike Burduck

    May 21, 2002

    Are any of you using old Hiwatts as your main bass amp? I'm especially interested in knowing if any of you guys are using Hiwatt 200s.


  2. Paul A

    Paul A

    Dec 13, 1999
    Hertfordshire U.K!
    I sometimes use a 50 watt "Hiwatt" tube head, very nice warm tone.
    As for the 200's ... well, if they were good enough for John Entwistle....
  3. Mike Burduck

    Mike Burduck

    May 21, 2002

    My sentiments exactly on the 200s. If they get a thumbs up from The Ox....need we say any more.


  4. Tapp


    Aug 29, 2001
    USA, Mississippi
    I'm using an early 70's DR103 right now. Hiwatt's are wonderfully made creations that are just now starting to garner more respect (or is that higher prices?).

    The DR103 gets really loud so I can imagine the 200 will peal paint and probably keep up with an SVT. I'd like to see a 400 but they must be extremely rare.

  5. Rock City

    Rock City

    Apr 8, 2001
    I have a DR-201 with the matching 4122 4x12 bass cab. It was my main touring amp for years. And yes.......It WILL peel paint!
  6. Johnny BoomBoom

    Johnny BoomBoom Supporting Member

    Jun 8, 2001
    Glasgow, Scotland
    I seem to remember that Steve Harris from Iron Maiden has used Hiwatt amps most of his days (except a brief excursion to Trace Elliot) - he seems to have managed quite well with them!
  7. Mike Burduck

    Mike Burduck

    May 21, 2002

    If you EVER decide to sell that Hiwatt DR 201, please let me know. Thanks a bunch!

    Take care,

  8. Rock City

    Rock City

    Apr 8, 2001
    I actually had 3 DR-201's at one time!!!!! I had the other 2 as backups, but the main one wouldn't break!!!!!!!! I just sold the others off last year, but I'll keep you in mind if I find any. I'm always on the hunt for Marshalls and Hiwatts.
  9. Rock City

    Rock City

    Apr 8, 2001
    Oh yeah Mike......I do have a 69-70 Marshall Super Bass and possibly may sell my 2 Majors if you're interested. One of the Majors is a Plexi!!!!!
  10. Mike Burduck

    Mike Burduck

    May 21, 2002

    Feel free to e-mail me when you find the time. Yes, I'm really looking for a nice Hiwatt 200, but if you can e-mail me a jpeg of the old Marshall Super Bass and the Majors, that would be fine.

    Although, I must confess that the Hiwatt-200 is at the top of my list!

    Many thanks!

  11. Golem II

    Golem II

    Jan 4, 2002
    Macon, GA, USA
    Just wondering, isn't the dr-201 sort of considered a "guitar" amp? I mean, I know there wasn't as much distinction between guitar and bass amps in the '70s (I wasn't around, but I'm guessing any amp that didn't explode when low frequencies were pumped into it got used for bass,) but does the EQ and all handle passive and active basses without any problems?

    Come to think of it, I could use a guitar amp as well, so this might be what I need to kill two birds with one stone. :D
  12. Rock City

    Rock City

    Apr 8, 2001
    I had 2 DR-201's at one point. The one I sold had 6 EL-34's in the power section, and the standard preamp. It was much better for guitar as it was kinda bright without stellar lows. The one I kept has 4 KT-88's and the "optional" bass preamp. That one RULES!!!!!!!! it's also SUPER early, as it has wooden skids for feet and never had a logo plate!
  13. Rickenbackerman


    Apr 17, 2001
    Laurel MD
    I've got a Sound City 200+ (four KT88's, partridge iron), and it doesn't do loud at all... it's the active tone controls - ya can't get any volume without overdriving the crap out of the preamp. I'm thinking of converting the preamp to hiwatt-style.
  14. HannibalSpector


    Mar 27, 2002
    I use old Hiwatts for my bass . I've got two 100watters.
    Never even seen a 200watter , then alone played one , they are as rare as hens teeth in Australia.
    I use alnico speakers 4x12" rated at around 40 watts each.
    I think the Hiwatts need fairly low powered speakers to gain maximum efficiency and headroom for bassplaying.
    I've also used a 300watt marshall quad with it which doesn't sound bad.
    Hiwatts kick mega arse, good choice!