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  1. OK, I'm probably very naive, but if these basses sound as good as they look, there's one helluva deal going on.|66:2|39:1|72:1688|293:1|294:50

    Has anyone tried / own these istruments? Fretless, fretted, 6er, 7er, whatever. The one in the link is £349 + £10 delivery to UK. It seems an amazing deal ... almost too good to be true, dare I say it ... !

    I suppose they're sourced from Far Eastern factories as happens with so many instrument parts, and are built and badged accordingly. If these factories are good enough to supply timber components for 'household name' basses surely they're good enough for any badge.

    I'm seriously considering a fretless 7 at that price.

    Wisdom sought.

  2. Magic Sam

    Magic Sam

    Nov 1, 2008
    Don´t buy these. I´ve heard a lot about this company (they use different names) on a german Internet Forum for bassists. They seem to look great, but they are not well manufactured and not worth the price...that is what the people said who bought one of these. :scowl:
    Interesting about this one is that it´s a copy of a Marleaux bass:
  3. I didn't know Heckler and Koch started making basses?:rollno:

    The first flag for me was Wilkinson hardware
  4. Fair shot!
  5. Would be rather interesting to see a gun manufacturer make guitars..parkarized hardware and polymer bodys.
  6. I have both a 7string bubinga/ash body and the 4string walnut body. I admit that i have never owned or played a really expensive guitar so I have no physical means of comparison but I personally think think these guitars are great for the money. Mind you I paid less than 200Euros each for them. Dont do the "Buy it now" option, find one that is on a normal auction and you will get it much cheaper. They also charge the buyer if paying by Paypal around 3.5% extra but its much cheaper than doing a bank transfer. They are a bit neck heavy and the strings are crap but if you get one at the right price in my opinion you get alot of bass for your money.

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  7. I have two P7 handguns, A P4 bass would be great :bassist: