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hmmm lane poor in my stingray...wadda ya think?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Mental Octopus, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. Mental Octopus

    Mental Octopus

    May 24, 2003
    a couple weeks ago i had purchased a lane poor MM pickup. i had intended it to go into an upcoming flea bass. well the flea bass plans fell through, and i now have an extra pickup. while i have thought about it selling it, a big part of me wants to put it into my stingray.

    now dont get me wrong, i like my stingray pickup just fine...but that lane poor is one sweet pickup, and i was wondering if someone could tell me how it might sound with my ray? has anyone tried this before, and would it work with the EB preamp?
  2. sell it to me and i'll figure out what it sounds like :D I would go for it if I had one of those excellent devices
  3. Chrisrm

    Chrisrm Bass Virtuoso Wannabe

    Feb 10, 2002
    Colchester, CT
    Don't know how it will sound, but it will involve routing as the LP is deeper than the stock MM, and the leads come out the bottom of the pickup. I wanted to put one in my Stingray, found this out after I got it apart. As I do like the sound of my Stingray, I didn't want to route it just to experiment.

  4. Mental Octopus

    Mental Octopus

    May 24, 2003
    i've decided to do it to one of my stingrays. do you think the lane poor would sound better in a rosewood or a maple stingray? anyone have an idea of what the differences would be? i'm not sure what the different tonal characteristics between the 2 woods are involving the pickup.
  5. Mental Octopus

    Mental Octopus

    May 24, 2003
    anyone? :bawl:
  6. Saint


    Mar 2, 2000
    DC - USA
    I'd go with the maple, but then again I like the upper mids and highs of a Lane Poor and the maple will convey those much better than rosewood. Definitely worth doing.
    sprag likes this.
  7. Tim Cole

    Tim Cole Supporting Member

    Jun 12, 2002
    Findlay, Ohio
    Or, sell it to me so I can make my flea a double bucker.[​IMG]
  8. Mental Octopus

    Mental Octopus

    May 24, 2003
    never tim!!!

    so i guess maple would be the best choice? any other comments or opinions?
  9. 12bass


    Jan 2, 2003
    Victoria, Canada
    I have a pair of Lane Poor M3.5Ws in my Hamer Chaparral 12-string. They are a very transparent sounding pickup. Whatever bass you put them in, expect it to sound much like the acoustic tone of the instrument. Which bass do you like better acoustically?

    I happen to like the more open sound of maple, and combined with a LP pickup, I would expect a very bright clear tone. The MusicMan pickups are probably a lot more aggressive sounding, which you may or may not prefer. Some people don't think that Lane's pickups have enough "balls".

    I think that they are wonderful, but then I love clear, defined tone.

    For those looking for the Lane Poor sound, you can find a very similar sound in the Bartolini CX series of pickups. Much more open in the top end than regular Bartolinis (if there is such a thing!).
  10. Mental Octopus

    Mental Octopus

    May 24, 2003
    bringing this topic back.

    i am thinking of putting the LP in a maple stingray wired in series. any opinions or words of wisdom on this? would this be a worthwhile thing to do?
  11. David Wilson

    David Wilson Administrator Administrator Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Lower Westchester, NY
    I think having it as a switchable option is a worthwhile thing to do, you might not like the series sound all the time.

    One thing: all the lane poor MM pups I've seen only have two wires so unless yours has at least 4 wires they can't be wired in series.
  12. Mental Octopus

    Mental Octopus

    May 24, 2003
    ahhh i think mine only has 2. alright well maybe i'll still do it anyway. i'm anxious to hear what a lane poor would sound like in the ray. i'm hoping it'll make the sound a little more thick.
  13. Tim Cole

    Tim Cole Supporting Member

    Jun 12, 2002
    Findlay, Ohio
    FME, it will actually be LESS thick, but tons more clarity.
  14. marc40a


    Mar 20, 2002
    Boston MA
    If it involves routing (and it does) I wouldn't do it. I've been down the exact road you're on w/a Stringray 5 and an LP double wide aperture pu.
  15. Geri O

    Geri O Supporting Member

    Sep 6, 2013
    Florence, MS
    I'm curious about how MMs sound with aftermarket pups.

    I have a 2005 Stingray 5 and it's totally stock. I can't imagine wanting anything else from the way it sounds now.

    Having said that, I put Nords in all three of my Fenders. But I have no desire to replace the stock pup in the Stingray.

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