Hofner 500/1 CT rattle

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  1. So, new Hofner bass, everything is awesome except....

    The rattle.

    I've tracked it down to the D string, and it's rattling behind the saddles. There are no issues behind the ball end of the strings, so it's literally just the section of the tailpiece that contacts the strings.

    Any suggested fixes?
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    Jul 25, 2004
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    Make sure neither thumbwheel on the bridge is loose and wandering. Then check the center screws on all the tuner gears.

  3. Those all appear fine.

    I can halt the rattle by pressing gently on the string behind the saddle, or directly above the string on the tailpiece.

    Pressing any other part of the tailpiece has no effect, nor on the bridge, nor anywhere on the headstock.
  4. FranF

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    Jul 25, 2004
    Northeastern PA
    Hmmmm.... bad string windings? Can you try a different string?

  5. Don’t have extras on hand.

    In the meantime, I used a trick that I came up with when I had a Gretsch guitar with similar issues — I wove a small piece of string through the strings near the tailpiece. Dampened the vibrations just enough to eliminate the buzz.
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  6. Also check that the alignment pin between the bridge and the pickguard isn't rattling. Sometimes this can happen with the bridge isn't aligned just right. Also, when you try to play a Hofner with modern low action there's just not enough down pressure on the bridge or break angle behind the saddle and that means rattles can sneak up on you. It also doesn't sound as cool but that's a different subject...