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  1. I own 2 Hofner CT Basses. I love them. One's the standard model (a 64 replica) the other is the limited edition "cavern" model. Here's what I want to do. I want to upgrade the control panels to the German ones with the cream switches and the pickguards to the more aged looking German pickguards. I've been told so many different things about doing this; It can't be done, it can be done, the main one. Does anyone out there have any info on how I can do this who may have done the same thing. I'm willing to put some money into it, but I have to know it's going to work before I do. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance! TM
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    I have 2 violin basses, but not Hofners, so I can't help you with that myself. Have you tried the Hofner Owners Club here? I'm sure this has come up more than once. there are some Hofner CT threads here as well; the TB search engine may also turn something up. Try some of the other violin bass threads, too.
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    The changes you want to do can be done however you need to check some measurements first. The control console you buy should be measured first to ensure that it will cover the cut out hole in your bass and that the 2 mounting screw holes have wood under them to screw into. You'll want to change those two mounting screws to nickel plated slot heads rather than use the chromed Phillips screws that comes with the bass.

    You can swap out the tailpiece for the German one that says "Made in Germany" on it, no problem. Regarding the pickguard buy a German one that doesn't have the pickup cut outs in it. You can use the one that came with the bass as the template to cut out the new one. It should mount exactly the same as the original.

    You can also change out the Wilkinson tuners for Hofner's strip tuners if you'd like to take the bass to the next level. All you will need is a set of transition ferrules for the tuner posts (in the headstock) which can be purchased at any good guitar repair shop for a buck apiece.

    There is a online site in England that sells all of the components that you're looking for. PM me if you'd like the URL.

    Good luck.

  5. Search online for "Hofner Hounds" - it's the dedicated Hof fan forum. There are plenty of people there who have experience with swapping out CT parts for German ones.
  6. Thanks for the help and suggestion guys. I'm determined to get it done! :)
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    Most likely do-able like Thornton said, after a bit of homework. be prepared though, if you want two complete German control panels, be prepared to pay up to $200 or more each. Def not cheap. Come on over to the Hofnerhounds ! (I'm one of the moderators) ;-)
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    On the control panel, my suggestion would be to leave the electronics and get the control plate $45US. The holes are lined up exactly as on the German model, all you need to do is slightly enlarge the holes for the pots, takes 20 seconds each. Purchase cream switches $14 each... All reissues have black switches and cream caps. Pop the caps off the reissue switch and put them on your black CT switches. I've done this plenty of times. Works perfect.

    The German tuners drop in, you may have to drill one or 2 new holes depending on if you use strip tuners or single tuners. The German ferrules work fine...at least in my case and several others I've confirmed with. Good luck.