SOLD Hofner Flatwound Strings 1133B Short Scale

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    May 26, 2007
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    I have 2 unopened sets of these Hofner 1133B Flatwounds.

    $65 shipped each

    This is the description from the website:

    Hofner Bass Flat Wound Strings - Custom manufactured for Hofner by a legendary German string manufacturer, these flatwound strings will restore the original tone to your Hofner Beatle Bass. This is the string set that comes installed on all new German made V62, V63, Deluxe, and Club Basses. The gauges of the strings are:
    G - .040, D - .055, A - .070, E - .100

    These strings are designed for short scale basses (30 inch scale) such as the Hofner Beatle Bass, and are not long enough for full scale basses. These strings may be used on the Hofner Icon and Contemporary Series Beatle Basses.