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  1. Well a combination of beautiful weather here in Georgia (with visions of backyard acoustic jams) and a little extra cash brough a Pignose Hog 30 to my house. The box was kind of beat up when I got it (no visible damage to the amp), so I'm kind of wondering if the amp is damaged or if the low quality output is just the nature of the beast.

    So far it's been disappointing. Although advertised as a bass amp, any attempt to get beyond solo practice volume with a nice round tone has resulted in fuzzy sounding notes below A on my E string. Using my Fishman bass EQ to sculpt and compress the sound only helps it get a little louder.

    As it stands I can't imagine using this with more than a couple of acoustic guitars. An accordian buries it. Anyone else had better results?
  2. Nope, that's normal. They suck, except for jazz guitar at conversation volume. You got hosed.
  3. rok51


    Sep 2, 2002
    Crawfordville, FL
    I have a Crate TX30 (Taxi) that I bought for outdoors acoustic jams. While it's not a 'bass' amp, it does surprisingly well both tone and volumewise. The battery is quoted as lasting 8 hours. I have no doubts about it. I have no trouble drowning out a wall of acoustics...but that's really not my style :D They also have a new "Bass Bus" version.

  4. Thanks for the info, guys. Although my initial search before buying found some praise for the amp, the TBL archives pretty much matched my experience. Any other comments out there?

    BTW, I'm not too hosed on this, just out the return postage (got a month trial). Before I send it back, I may offer it for sale to guitarists (seems it may do ok for them).
  5. Gabu


    Jan 2, 2001
    Lake Elsinore, CA

    Two great small amps that I would recommend include the Fender Bassman 25 and the Ampeg B50-R. I would bet that the Bassman 60 is probably pretty good too, I just haven't played it before. For more of a small venue gigging amp, try the Ampeg B100-R.
  6. maxvalentino

    maxvalentino Endorsing Artist Godin Guitars/ Thomastik-Infeld

    That's funny.....I have a Hog 30 which I have no problem at all getting both decent volume and tone from.

    I do run it thru either an Aphex 1401 Acoustic Xciter, or that very same Fishman Platinum DI/pre and it gives me no problems at all...I have evenmdone some fun "solo bass busking" using the Hog with a Line 6 DL4(all battery operated).

    To be fair, I run piezo powered basses thru it, and I wonder if that has something to do with it.

    I traded a Behringer 8 ch mixer for this one...I really did not set out to get a battery operated bass amp...and I know I got the better deal! Behringer mixers just might offer the worse sonic mangling I can think of (noisy, no headroom etc)

    Yet, having a small battewry operated amp, has made me thinkl of some of the others on the market..such as the Crate Taxi series. It's truely liberating to not be chained to a wall plug.

  7. Thanks for the tips. The Fender 25 was on the short list of minis that I considered. I'll have to check the ampeg stuff. I also read/heard good things about the Peavy micro and the new Ashdown series.

    As the originator of TUMS (Truthful Understanding of my Musical Situation), I can't really justify buying a mini combo (balancing amount of use and cost). I've got an old combo that works fine for all things small, it's just a heavy biotch. The fun of playing "unplugged" was what sold me on taking the plunge, as long as it was useful for other things.

    Well, the first bass I tried with it was a Turner Ren, so the piezo thing is not a factor.

    More likely, we have different ideas of usable tone and volume (unless my amp is broken). With my tone settings, it keeps up with a finger picked acoustics, gets covered by 2 guys banging hard with picks. If I roll off a lot of bass, I can get loud enough to be heard in that situation and keep a clean sound.

    Does your Hog fuzz out on lower notes when you push it?
  8. Although I'm still disappointed in the lack of volume with a real bass tone, I am finding it's portability loads of fun. Really quite useful in breaking out of a practice rut. I find myself grabbing it and heading out to the backyard.

    Over the weekend I toted it with me up to a gig in the mountains. After I had set up my main rig, I grabbed my fretless and the Hog and went and sat under the trees. Never had a more relaxing warm up before a gig.

    While I was playing the bassist with the Don Fontenot Cajun band came up and listened. We ended up chatting for a while and I loaned him the Hog to take to an outdoor acoustic jam they were hosting while my band played the dance in the main hall.

    Afterwards he was very pleased to have been able to play his bass (he originally was going to play guitar) and he said although the sound wasn't very big, he did keep up with 2 guitars, a small accordian and a fiddle. He plans to get one for himself.
  9. The 0x

    The 0x

    Aug 24, 2003
    Timonium, MD
    The Bassman 60 is quite awesome, but very clean. No real ampeg grunt. But it isn't an Ampeg, it's a fender. Sweet little combo, though.
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