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hollow fingerboard ?

Discussion in 'Setup & Repair [DB]' started by steve chase, Feb 21, 2001.

  1. being very new to all things urb could any one give advice on what shape the fingerboard should be.i.e. how much scoop should there be if any along the length of the fingerboard,
    also some advice on string heights at fingerboard end.
    i am using a laminated bass with innovation rb strings.i only play pizz at the moment.
    the string height thing needs to relate to some slap style (rb & bg) thanks for any posts .
  2. What shape do you want it to be, round or beveled?
    Are you trying to do this yourself? DON'T! Have a luthier set it up for you, or you could could wind up paying a lot for a big mistake that could easily be avoided.Or are you just asking for general terms? Of course there has to be some degree of radius, if it is set up properly it will be correct, just decide on what you will use it for and have the Luthier set up accordingly.String Heights vary as a matter of personal taste, and what gives you the sound you want. Of course there are limits, they can can only go so low until they start slapping and buzzing against the fingerboard, and so high until they become unplayable. Anywhere from 5mm to 12mm at the end of the fingerboard is about average.
  3. thanks for the reply reedo, what i actually meant was the curve along the length i.e. from nut to bridge end of fingerboard.mine seems to be lower at about the neck joint than at either end.is this the norm or should it be flat? sorry if i didn`t make that clear.
  4. Ah, all is clear. If I understand you correctly this time, yes it is perfectly normal and well, necessary to have a slight amount of bow in the neck. If it were perfectly straight, the strings would buzz every time you fingered a note. Do this..press the G sting down at the nut (as you would finger an Ab)
    and press down at the end of the fingerboard at the same time. The string clearance at the neck joint should be 0.5 to 3 mm. Any more or less could
    mean a problem. If you are not having problems with the strings buzzing, I wouldn't worry about it.
    From what you're saying, it sounds normal.
  5. thanks again reedo,i did just what you said and it checks out within the measurements you suggested,my mind is now at rest on that issue.

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