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Hollow replacement P-Bass Body?

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by X Wolf, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. X Wolf

    X Wolf Guest

    Does anyone know of a replacement Hollow P-Bass body? Looking for one as hollow as possible, for a fretless project that I have in mind.

  2. Stewart-MacDonald(stewmac.com)does one, IIRC. BTW, I'm considering going sem-hollow on my next fretless; what's your aim, if you don't mind my asking?
  3. Warmoth does a hollow J body. You could get them to rout it for P pickups instead of J.

    Or try USACG maybe...
  4. X Wolf

    X Wolf Guest


    Thanks for the stewmac suggestion, I'll check it out! I like the P-Bass shape for comfort and I like the Jazz neck original dimensions which are "C" shaped with a 1.52" nut and a 7.25" radius. I'd also like a really smooth black fretless ebony board with no lines, so I am hopefully going to mate a neck like this with a hollow P-Bass body. For electronics I was thinking of using a Lindy Fralin "P" with an aluminum Type A Hipshot Piezo bridge with possibly a Highlander built in pre-amp. I'm still in the exploratory/research stage so things will probably change as I go along.

  5. X Wolf

    X Wolf Guest

    Thank you for the response! I really prefer the "P" shape over the "J" for comfort, just a personal preference.

  6. After reading the responses to this thread, it seemed to me that it was actually Warmoth that offered the hollow body option, although I couldn't find it mentioned on their website. Couldn't hurt to ask.
    BTW, I don't think I was very clear(happens all the time:rolleyes: ) w/regard to my question(your aim). What I meant was, what specifically are you trying to achieve w/the hollow body- for instance, a certain tone, or lighter weight?
    Your specs sound cool- I also like unlined fretless, though very subtle lines are nice too. I have a 7 w/dark red bubinga lines on a dark brown Maccassar ebony fingerboard- very nice, & nearly invisible.
  7. X Wolf

    X Wolf Guest


    Thank You for the response and sorry, I should have included why I like these specs. All of my basses are either Chambered or Hollow as I just prefer their warm but open/airy tone. I play sitting down due to some musculoskeletal problems so weight and body shape are definitely issues with me as well. By the way, the Highlander pre I was referring to has a blend circuit so that you can balance the magnetics with the piezos. Also, the darker fret lines you mentioned sound like a really nice option.

    Thanks again, George
  8. I like a nice light bass myself- my(chambered Stambaugh)6 is lighter than my Fender 5. The pictured 7 is lined(bubinga on mac ebony; sometimes I can't see them:rolleyes: ). I have a much better in-progress pic somewhere; if/when I find it I'll post it here.

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