holy mackeral! ( can somebody attests to this besides me!)!

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    Jun 5, 2003
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    I had heard the output of the RBI had a bit more than the SABDDI but I had no idea!!!!!!!! ( if thats the case, heres my story):

    So i recently purchased a new qsc 1850hd and ampeg svt810e. I had ordered the RBI but to hold me over i was using the bddi as a pre.( while my sansamp was shipping). I was running the qsc in bridged mode and turning it all the way up to 2 or 3 oclock before pushing the cab and knocking stuff off the shelves. Well today I got my rbi ( looks and sounds awesome!) but holy jeez!

    with my drive and level at 12 oclock I can only get my qsc level up around 9 oclock!!! THis is the power and headroom i was looking for in this amp.

    Needless to say im a happy camper.
    Just a quick question : why all of the sudden is the amp/preamp relationship so powerful? the BDDI was working fine as a pre but didnt seem to acknowledge the bridged mode at all? ( or just didnt push as hard) is this the case?

    P.S. does anyone else notice the difference in realtionship with the level and drive on the rbi when compared to the bddi? I used to run both on the bddi somewhere in the 12 oclock range, the drive on the rbi seems to be much more sensitive, at these settings theres tons of gain.

    Oh well, it sounds awesome
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    Dec 22, 2002
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    I had a similar experience trying to drive a power amp with a SABDDI, then used a small yamaha mixing desk. The mixing desk worked MUCH better.

    Ok I'm probably on my own this theory but here it goes anyway.........

    To me there are 2 types of pre-amps:- 1) the pre-amp that you use to drive a power amp, and 2) the pre-amp that you use to go into an amp that has it's own pre-amp (ie a bass head or a combo. I also include pre-amps that sit inside your active bass in this category).

    To me, the pedal version is a category 2. It "can" drive a power amp but I don't think that was No 1 on the design criteria.
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    Jun 5, 2003
    ALBANY NY 518