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    Oct 5, 2010
    I once had a pristine Guild JSB-2 that I gave away years ago as it just was not my thing at the time. I now heavily regret that decision as I have recently been playing my Gibson EB-0 a lot and it makes me realize how much of a beast the JSB-2 was/is.

    My main bass for years after getting rid of the JSB-2 was a Guild B-302. The B-302 now sadly needs just about everything repaired (warped neck , cracked headstock, weak pickups, bad selector switch, etc) and has been sitting up for years. I haven't bothered with it as my preference for a huge neck has changed.

    I've been through so many basses over the past 15 years or so and haven't found much that excited me the way the B-302 did when I first got it. I figured I'd start looking for another JSB-2 or possibly have something similar custom made.

    Today I started looking at guitar center's used and vintage stuff online for any interesting Guilds. I didn't see anything that compelled me to spend the cash.

    It was raining when I left work and traffic was slow on the freeway . I decided to take the surface streets home and stop in a guitar center to wait out the traffic. I walked in the door, headed to the bass section and halfway there, on a floor stand I see this........



    A Guild JSB-2LS. This is the first long scale guild Jet Star I have seen in person and the only of this model I have seen ever. It has the neck profile of the jet star though 34'' scale and features B-302 pickups and bridge with Jet Star electronics as the B-302 did not have the mini toggle/tap. It sounds amazing and I knew I'd regret it if I didn't buy it. I am not able to pick it up until next month due to the police hold they have on used equipment but man am I excited!

    Thanks for reading....If anyone has any info on the JSB-2LS please share.
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