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Holy Stain

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by necropain, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. necropain


    Aug 21, 2012
    So first off i would like to say i am a huge fan of EHX im not a fan of everything they make but to me its almost like if its made by EHX it must be good. now that being said i think the crying tone/talking pedal designs are aweful and that they are a terrible idea. anywho back to good EHX stuff. so not to long ago i heard some demos of a really cool sounding fuzzverb and i loved it. i asked what it was and they told me they were using a holy stain to get that sound. now i wanted to get one almost right away i just didn't have the money. so i checked my local stores for a holy stain no one had one but i was told the verb was very similar to the Holy Grail. now i love i the holy grail and it is the number one thing i ever regret selling. i sold to get an RV-3. now i love my rv-3 but i wish i had it and that grail still. so i did some research and well i found nothing saying it was similar to a grail but i wanted one anyways. not to mention i didn't have a trem pedal and i heard it was a fine trem. so finally i saved up some money and got one.

    let me say right away i love it, for my purposes. but for someone not tending to waffle between post-rock, Post-metal, Shoegaze, Blackgaze, Doom, Stoner Rock, and literal ambient walls of noise(bass communion type music),this pedal might not be so good.
    Now honestly on its clean setting i don't really like this pedal and it kind of let me down BUT on its fuzz and drive setting it went above and beyond. NOTE:if you are going to want to use this fuzz you should definitely get a noise suppressor or already have one. without the noise suppressor this fuzz is incredibly loud. even with it being loud this fuzz sounds incredible and cuts through the mix very well. the drive is also pretty good but not really without extremes. i will get to where and why i like the drive later.

    The Pitch shift is the worst part of this pedal hands down unfortunatly. it sucks strait up the delay before it makes a sound literally kills it, twice.

    the reverb not so good on clean not to mention a The volume drop on clean and the fact that you can never really completely bypass the drive section
    Room reverb is great with the fuzz especially if you are me and you play high up on the neck often but you have to remeber to keep the amount on the low side and not to go overkill with the mix. a little goes a long way with this pedal when the fuzz is engaged.
    Hall reverb is Okay on its own same volume drop problem. BUT the hall verb does something incredibly amazing. when you take the mix knob and max it out it makes your bass sound like a cello. and when you do this and add the drive channel is sound like magic. warning when doing this you cannot play that fast BUT it does sound great.

    pitchshift i already said sux ass.

    tremolo is great. now with trem i have hear complaints about how it isn't very prominent but all you have to do is turn the mix knob up a little and it gets as in your face as you want. now the trem sound okay clean but again the magic happen when you put in alot of mix and turn on the drive.

    all in all the distortion section of this is pretty awesome and i have already worked this pedal into my playing and in general i love the fuzzverb sound i originally got it for.

    if you have made it to the bottom of my wall of text review tell me what do you think of the Holy Stain
  2. I enjoyed the read and have an interest in the pedal. Playing a prominant role in a prog/post/whatever the hell ya wanna call it band, this thing sounds to be right up my alley
  3. necropain


    Aug 21, 2012
    really my only problem with this pedal is the volume drop on the clean verb but everything else it does so well that i definitely forgive it.

    and a plus it is true bypass

    it also sounds a little lofi to my ear but i think thats just me comparing it to other less warm OD/Fuzz i have used.
  4. Right on. I need to add some good fuzz to the board. Right now, I'm just running the tubedrive on one of TC amps on max. It sounds good but....

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