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    Apr 6, 2011
    HOWDY! My wife is prego, I need to get rid of stuff. Starting small here.

    One pair of M-Audio Studio Pro 3 Reference Monitors. Includes the stands and pads. These are good, not perfect but good. They are a little shy in the bass dept, that's why, if you act NAOW, I will throw in an Active Sub for your Bass needs. It's big and hits pretty decent, so between these 3 speakers you can make a nice mix.
    In the US for $85, shipped slow because the Sub is big and heavy. .

    Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1- Solid little Audio Interface, does Audio (2 inputs at once) and Midi, has multiple outs, provides phantom power to condenser mics like the ones below. $80 shipped in the US.

    Set of MXL Condenser Mics (990 & 991) Includes case for the mics. The 990 is is about $80 new, the 991(pencil mic) is about is about $50. I'll take $75 for them shipped in the US.

    All of the recording gear for $220, shipped slow because of the Sub

    Zoom SB-246 I love this little drum machine. It is marketed as a hip hop drum machine but it is just like the Zoom RT-123 with cooler samples. The bass drums HIT on this thing, a ton of good sounds in here. SO easy to program beats on, just tap the pad bro, or do the grid thing. 64 steps no problem, hell, I think it does more than that. Really a great little drum machine, I just have a lot of ways to get drums on a track so I must liquidate.
    $75 shipped in the US.
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