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  1. hey guys.

    Ok well i want to start recording my bands stuff. we play punk rock at about a 90% loud level.

    I have my own PC and id kill to turn it into a recording thing, here is all the specs of my computer and if anyone could give me a list of what i need or is recommended and suggestions it would be heaps cool thanks!.

    -2 Soundcards
    -Via audio. Has Line in, Mic In and Speaker out.
    -Crystal WDM audio. Has Line In, Mic In and Speaker out.
    -*Both work!.
    -Pentium III 560mhz
    -194Meg of ram
    -20gig harddrive
    -2 Normal PC mics if they can be used.
    -PC speakers.

    So if anyone can tell me what software and hardware i need to record

    that would be good, and also when we record we would be doing live recording not mixed in like 1 person plays drums then the bass and it all is mixed in afterwoods if you know what i mean.

    also i have been using goldwave on my computer for awile now and have a fair bit of experience with it. i have a **** heap of other sound software on my computer that i have downloaded and got off cd's in the passed.

    hope use can help