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  1. Hi, I've had a set of Atlantic Technology home theater speakers since 1999. THis is the 5.1 Compact Theater 2 system. It sounds great for movies, and also works very well for standard stereo sources and SACD material.

    Over the years the sub-woofer has started to give me problems. Basically when the volume is low the subwoofer goes into a standby state. This used to happen occasionally, and it wasn't a big deal, recently unless I keep the volume very loud it constantly goes between standby and on, and basically produces a clicking sound. That clicking sound is coming from the transformer on the back, not the speaker.

    Anyone have any idea what could be causing this. I'd prefer to repair it rather then buying a new sub-woofer.


  2. Brick Top

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    First things first....have you tried unplugging everything...including your pre/pro or receiver and draining the power for 10 mins, then replugging everything in to reset?

    Next I would reset the crossover at your receiver and or subwoofer to see if that helps.

    Otherwise I would assume a new amp foir the sub is in order. At the price of repairs...and depending on the type of amp the sub uses...and new amp plate would be fairly cheap and probablt cost effective.

    Hope this helps.

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  4. I did a while back, they pretty much just wanted me to send it back in. From all indications it sounds like a PSU issue. I emailed them tonight asking if I could purchase a replacement.


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    Actually my sub does a similar thing but I found the cause.

    In our case, it also happened at low volumes. What were were doing wrong was this - instead of tuning the volume down at the amp/receiver, we were turning it down at the source, usually the TV itself or the set top box. At this point it best to think of the home theatre as though it's a bass amp. We were effectively turning down the pre-gain rather than the post-gain master volume. Therefore the signal arriving at the sub was being weakened to the point where the voltage detection circuit couldn't see any signal, so it just turned the amp to stand-by.

    If we leave the TV or set-top box volume up reasonably high, but turn the volume down at the amp, we have no such issues.