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  1. A good friend went deep into her attic and came down with a Hondo ll P Bass she bought new in '78.
    Her 12 year old son's eyes bugged out and I took it home to clean it and set it up for him. The bridge and pups are corroded and I'm going to replace those with the things I've taken off my Fender MIM and then I'm going to look like a hero to Mom. Pretty slick, huh? I've got the body looking OK, but the black pickguard is disgusting. A Fender guard won't fit this bass and I don't want to wait for a custom replacement. What about spray painting the pickguard? Would that work? What about this old bass? I never heard of Hondo ll. It doesn't have any other markings. It has a bridge and pup cover and a thumb rest. The body looks like Mahogany and the neck is Maple/maple with the truss rod adjuster at the body end. I have it completely disassembled and it doesn't even say where it was made. Maybe it's from the planet Hondo.
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    Hondos are megacheap guitars from the late 70s and early 80s. My brother used to have a Hondo II Les Paul copy (flat top thin plywood with a bolt on neck and single coil pickups under the chrome covers). Total crap!!! There is a great book called "Guitar Stories" that has a chapter about Hondo II. It sounds like an interesting instrument, I'd love to get my hands on an old attic special like this, I have a strange fascination with older budget guitars.

    Good luck!!!! :)
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