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Honest input on old peavey gear?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by amplover, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. amplover


    Jun 23, 2011
    I know I sort of asked this question already, but I cant seem to get my other thread to delete and I wanted to elaborate on my question.
    I'm looking to get rid of my Marshall head cause I can't stand lugging it around out of fear of breaking the tubes in it. I don't like how loud it is. I don't like that I have to crank it to get any tone out of it. I don't like that I spent 750 dollars on a head that I can only use every once in a blue moon.
    I have been looking at the old Peavey bass head amps lately, and I wanted to sell my amp to buy an old Peavey bass head that I could play guitar AND bass through.
    What do you guys know about the old Mark series? I see them all over for cheap. My best buddy had a Mark series head... I believe it was the first model which he played through an ampeg 8x10 and he played in a doom metal band with another guitarist running a 100 watt Laney with a full stack. He would get in trouble for putting his Russian Muff infront of it and cranking it too loud. The thing sounded evil but was versatile enough to use in a folk band he played in later.
    I really like the idea of getting one of these more and more lately. I love the sound of a guitar played through a bass amp. Nothing really comes close to it when it comes to playing the kind of music I am into which is the more melodic kind of hardcore. I like resonating gritty notes and fuzz. I know one of these would sound ballsy with my humbucking les paul, but my only fear about one of these is running it into a 4x12. Would I have to search for another huge watt handling cab? Or would I be good playing one of these beasts with a regular old 100-120 watt cab as long as I dont have to crank it? That's my worry.
    I know of a bass player who runs three heads into two cabs. Neither of which have the maximum capabilities to handle the huge power load of his heads, but when he plays, it comes out as a bizzare but cool sound. My main worry right now is money, so I want to get rid of the **** that I don't play anymore and find something that will sound great for cheap. The name brand doesn't really matter to me. I just want something I know I can use well.

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