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  1. and I've talked to a couple of guitar techs/guitarists about this issue:

    Is it a "must have" to "upgrade" the stock tuners that came with the (bass) guitar?

    I play bass in an open mic/jam, and there are some energetic guitar players runnin' around...and when they bump into my bass, the bass goes out of tune. But I don't have a problem with keeping my bass in tune when it's just the house band that's playing...
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    It is not an issue if the bass came with good tuners in the first place. If the ones that came with yours are weak, then yes you should replace them. Also, if a guitarist bumps into you, tase him. It's the right thing to do.
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    Apr 4, 2009
    No. I've never had an issue with tuners. My stock squier tuners hold up fine. It's such a simple piece that even the worst companies would have a hard time screwing it up.
  4. yes i believe your problem is a direct result from gui**** blunt force trauma to your tuning pegs, and as bongo said, next time that happens, tase him :D
  5. make and model?
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    Jul 15, 2008
    Tuners are probably the last thing I would upgrade, and even then I would need better reason than "because they're better".
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    Eh, I'd upgrade the gui****, no matter how good the tuners are, when he smacks into them, they're gonna move.
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    Most basses (yes, even SX's) come with perfectly adequate tuners.

    Next time you suffer a collision with one of these "galloping guitarists", execute the technique illustrated below ... substituting your bass for the rifle.

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    Mar 7, 2007

    Out of the dozens of basses I've owned ... I've never had to upgrade the tuners.

    Even if some spastic gui**** bumps into your neck ... your tuners shouldn't move. Next time one does ... a knock to the noggin, with your headstock, should do the trick (maybe it'll knock'em back in tune ;)).
  10. Well, it's an "MIM" Fender Jazz fretless rosewood neck...on a Squier "20th Anniversary" Precision body.

    Thanks guys. Tase the "gui****" :hyper:... y'all rock! :bassist: