hooking up a powered bass monitor

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  1. My preamp has 3 outputs. (low, high, full range) I'm using hi and low for a bi-amped rig. Could I send a line from the full range output to another rig? The drummer would like a bass monitor. I thought this would be cleaner then running the bass through the pa's monitors.
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    Nov 27, 2002
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    You can send the full range signal to another rig like a powered monitor or a bass combo. At one time I used a small bass combo amp for a Bass monitor for a drummer - he could then adjust the tone and volume to his liking. A small practice amp works well as a drum monitor is you put it on something (to get the amp to a drummer's ear level). Milk crates work well to stack small combos on.
  3. That's perfectly safe. The only concern is maybe the preamp doesn't provide a hot enough signal to make the connected monitor put out it's max power. You'd need another preamp or level booster.

    Another concern is that the monitor guy can't control the volume of the drummer's monitor, unless you run it through his boards (which would solve the signal level problem, BTW)
  4. Thanks for the replies and ideas. I'm thinking of using a smaller combo, it's actually a kb amp, so I'm a little afraid of the lower frequencies. This amp works fine for pratice at home (low volume) so I may have to pick up another combo.

    I have a TKO which IMO would work great for this. But I want something light. 30-40 lbs. Besides the TKO is at rehearsal, I'm enjoying not lugging that around.

    If my kb amp doesn't work, I may check into a SWR workingman's 10 combo with a swr 10 extension. that would double as a mini rig. I think this might be the one I go with.

    I also thought of adding another 2x10 bass cabinet, run that off my other 2x10. But then the drummer wouldn't be able to adjust the volume.
  5. Scott D

    Scott D

    Apr 21, 2003
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    Hey, if your looking for an SWR WM 10 combo, i know BASSnSAX has one for sale for $200. thats a good deal. Then you could puchase the extension on musiciansfriend.com for $189, or you could find a used 12" for the lows.

    Good luck,
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    Sep 22, 2002
    I do this with my drummer on a regular basis. I send a line (parallel output) out of my SansAmp BDDI to a 60 watt Peavey Basic 60 amp that sits next to the drummer...works great.
  7. Thanks. You know I've been trying to get in touch with BassnSax for this reason. Seems his message box is full. He seems to want my Ampeg svp-pro preamp, maybe we can work out a deal. I can't trade even though. Where are you Bassnsax?
  8. That's pretty sweet. I bet that sounds good with the Sansamp.