Hooking up an SVP-BSP?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by MrFortuneCookie, Oct 26, 2001.

  1. If i get an SVT IV Pro and then also get a SVP-BSP. How would i hook up the BSP to to SVT IV Pro? I assume the effects return. But after i would plug it into the effects, i would plug the bass to the BSP and then would i need to plug something in to the input of the SVT IV Pro. The reason i ask all this and not just get a Poweramp for the BSP is so i can have the SVP-Pro sound and SVP-BSP sound and use the the poweramp from the IV Pro. I would only save 200 if i got both preamps and a poweramp so i'd rather use the extra 200 and go with the Ampeg Poweramp.
  2. Yes - EFFECTS RETURN. If you do this, nothing will be plugged into the input of the SVT Pro IV. This will bypass the pre-amp of the SVT Pro.

    If you're trying to have the sound of the SVT Pro pre-amp available, you'll have to use a splitter or an A/B switch for your bass signal and run it to the inputs of both amps.

    It depends on what your goal is.

    Are you trying for more power or are you trying to have more sounds available?
  3. Just more sounds. Though i can do the AB thing or just switch manually. It was more that i wasn't sure on whehter i needed something in the input or not. Thanks.
  4. If the amp is layed out like my SVT-III Pro, then you'll want to plug the output of the BSP into the "Power Amp In" jack on the IV, this will bypass its preamp section. You'll get the preamp of the BSP and the power amp of the IV Pro.
  5. There's a poweramp in jack? huh, i'll have to look into that to see if there is, though if it's onthe III, good chance it's on the IV. Huh, that would also do the trick.