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Hora basses?

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by Danko, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. Hi all!

    In my attempts to find a suitable 1000-1200$ bass in Europe, I found the link on Bob Golihur's web for Hora factory in Romania.

    Basses look nice in pics, and prices seem ok too. Has anyone tried one before?

  2. Hi Danko,

    Have a look to Gliga, their bass look good.


    In their web site, you have to click 'forward' at bottom of the right hand corner to get to cello and bass.

    They are in Romania.

  3. Hi Danko,

    As I know, even with all solid bass, Gliga do have different grading of basses, Master, Professional, Student, School. You can send an email to ask them for detail.

  4. Did you ever try any of them.

    Curious is that both Hora and Gliga are in the same town? The only Romanian basses I've found on the net, both from the same place. Maybe Reghin is a musical town.

    I've sent them e-mail and waiting for reply.

  5. glivanos

    glivanos Supporting Member

    Jun 24, 2005
    Philadelphia Area
    Bob G. mentions on his website that they have a backlog building basses for him.

    You may want to check availability since you have direct access to the factory.
  6. From the forum on the net, Gliga comment is not bad.
    I haven't tried it , but one of my friends got a Gem 2, the top is very good even it is just a student model.

    Have they repied your email?

  7. MarkRubin

    MarkRubin F L T

    Mar 14, 2005
    Austin TX
    Zdravo, Danko.

    Da, in fact there's lots of stringed instrument makers in Reghin. A firend of mine imports tsmably and mandolins from a factory there. Under the old system, if you make a wooden string instrument, you made it in Reghin. It's well placed for lumber up in the mountains there, so people stayed close after the free market came.

    Not too musical a place actually, which is strange. Couldn't find any live music the times I've been there. Nashville makes music all day, but you can't hardly find a decent band player there at night.

    Gliga owns a company called Genial which is further down the road and their all laminate bass is really very good. The best plywood for the money I've yet encountered. Sames goes for their Hybrid carved top, laminate back and sides as well.

  8. Not yet. I'll try again today or tomorrow.

  9. Dragi Marko,

    Hvala na odgovoru (thanks for the reply) :)

    So, you say it's worth a shot going there and trying out some of their basses?

    It's a long jurney through countries I've never been to, so it's safer to doublecheck before we decide to go.


  10. Ok. Gliga replied. They said they don't have all the basses on stock, but they might have the one I'm looking for if I say when I'm planning to come.

    Only thing - I'm not sure which one I want. Oh, I wan't that one with warranty that the neck will remain straight in all conditions, and that the front will never dive. That one that sounds good to me when I try it. LOL!

    Student and school models range from 720 (all laminated) to 1800 EUR (flat back, solid top).

  11. Dear Danko,

    I don't know much about the price, but I had played my friend's Gliga Gem 2, it sounds good.

    However, He did spend a bit on a set of new string and set up, he told me when he get his bass from the retailer, they only supplied hime with the factory string. So , I think it is best to allow these costs when you are really considering this bass, or if you can you can ask what is the quality of the string and bridge.

    But I guess if you get it from the retailer or luthier, they would have already included the set up cost (which may include a set of string and bridge). So all is money!

    Anyway, Good luck!

  12. Hi
    I have a DB made by HORA in romania. I´m quite happy with it, ´cos it cost me about 1500 $ (plus shipping) and its carved. My teacher have one of the top models and its quite good so we order 5 of the Elite series, to combine shipping. Unfortunately, mine its the best of all, others have worse sound and construction, so i´m the lucky one, but the others are not bad at all. I recommend you the Hora factory, its by far the best quality/price i found for carved db.