Horizon cables Wow

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  1. I have always heard the cables make a difference to your tone. I've always used Spectraflex "original", and thought I wa getting good tone. Yesterday I needed another cable (straight/angled) so with little money found a store selling Horizon "Silver Flex" cables. Could not bring myself to buy the expensive Monster cable. Got a 20 foot Horizon with silver plated copper core and gold plugs for $18. Lifetime warranty.

    I tried both the spectraflex and the new Horizon. I was amazed at the difference in tone on the A and G string on the upper neck of my Alembic. Could not tell a difference in the lows though on the B and E strings. I think I will go today and get another 10 footer.
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    Cables can make a lot of difference on the highs with a passive bass. I wouldn't expect much if any effect on the lows.

    Active basses are unlikely to sound significantly different with different cables.