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  1. Hey every one, I had my first gig tonight. I am in a "punk" band. The first piece of advice is to NOT BOOK YOUR OWN FIRST SHOW. I set it up with 8 other bands. We had a few disasters. One band didnt know the playlist and tried to go on when My band was supposed to go on. Then some dufus out of the crowd came and grabbed one of the mikes and shouted "Do you want to hear these guys or (insert band name here, we will call them Band F). They had some cheers then our guitarist went up and was like "Who wants to hear MY band play. And we had a lot of people cheer. (Especially a lot of girls) THEN another guy came up and proceeded to yell at me (he is like 2 feet taller than me and I'm 5'9" and I'm only 15 hes in 20s) and i sorta told him off and said that they were supposed to go on after. (he had his nose broken earlier this night at the show) And we ended up haveing the other band play. THEN an old band that broke up came up and played during their spot (Band F wanted them to) and played 3 songs which I didnt mind cuz I love that band and it was a reunion since they broke up last year when they graduated. The other band was only supposed to play 3 songs after that. They played like 5. Then we went on. The half stack wasnt owned by our guitarist and was taken half way through the set. And for some reason or other there was a big hold up (like 1 min or 2) between songs. We only played four of our seven songs (and yes every band had the same set length) and our guitarist ended up walkin off not wanting to play cuz everyone had already left during the last band and he wasnt havin fun and our band is based on fun, but its also based on good music and playing the music. After our set ended i was told how our singer sux, and the drummer and I were really good, and... "what was up with the guitarist (i wont use names). THEN I was supposed to fill in for another band WHICH I only found out that night. That feel through since one other band wouldnt get off (they r nice guys but THOUGHT they had till the end of the show but were supposed to leave ten minutes at the end for this band im fillin in for. So..... I got very stressed but made some $ and paid only a couple bands since none usually get paid ne way. I have to go to bed now so maybe ill tell the rest in a post I will leave tomarrow.. bye
  2. Anyone seriously hurt? Any equipment destroyed or stolen?
    -it could be way worse... :)
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    Sounds really professional.
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    thats not that bad. jbandbabyj is way right. Ive had much worse gigs. It was a punk gig, weve had people start fights and try to steal stuff and band members get hurt and all that stuff. The trick is to only have like 1 other band and when u set it up make sure the other band is worse than u. Well good luck with your next one.
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    Yeah punk shows can get crazy. I was at a Swingin Utters concert a few weeks ago and the band opening for the Utters had to cancel and a bunch of people were just pissed at seemed ready to rip some sh*t up. Luckily this awesome local band helps run the place so they went on instead.
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    I still don't get it.
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    come on... you know you had fun! :D
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    Just wait till your second gig.:D
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    I was at a hardcore punk show once at this dive bar and there was a riot during the first band's performance.. heh ;) Some nazi skinheads showed up and there was like a brawl ;) Lots of punches being thrown and beatdowns.. The music only fueled all the aggression and cops eventually broke it up, but that **** was scarey ;)
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    back in 84 (I think) I was playing in a cover band and we got booked in this place called aandys(yes two AA'S)lounge in georgia,as soon as we got off our custom tour bus(a modified old school bus that a car theif kindly gave us)we knew something was up,no one who worked at the motel adjacent to the "club" spoke english(at all!) and when they led us to our room(7 of us includeing the road crew) it only had 2 beds,no sheets,pillows,towels or anything extra we kind of got the idea that this was not gonna be a laid back week,our drummer who we called "hog" because he would sleep with "anything" spotted 2 hookers going into the room next door(a sure sign mom and dad wouldn't sleep here)he got all excited and said he was going to take a joint over and get "friendly" with them,in about 15 min. he came back with his eyes as big as dinner plates saying as soon as he got to their door one of the "girls" said in a mans voice to come on in and have a seat then proceded to pull off "her stockings which revealed a hairy leg(AAAAHHHGHGH!!!)we were kinda freaked out by this time.so that night as we were getting ready to play people started comeing in with their blue,green and mohawked hair,steel spikes,clothes pins ETC. which was ok except for the fact that we were a top 40 band,well needless to say "brown sugar" and "jessies girl" didn't go over very well,so just like in the blues brothers movie we played "you got another thing comin" at least 7 times a night,they didn't care as long as it was hard and loud,we even made up songs on the spot we would all just get a 4 count and thrash,they loved it,or I guess they did cause they did'nt kill us.on the last night we were partying after the show in our room with some people from the club and there was this kid about 17 who was completly smashed,we were all laughing at him and we came to find out that no one knew who he was,so as we were leaveing he was passed out in the room with no towles,sheets and now not even any curtins cause we had ripped them down to dry off with that week,so we stripped him naked(completly) took a red and a black sharpie and tatooed him from head to toe(yes completly)we left him there with not so much as a phone book or a Gidions Bible to cover up with,poor kid,I often wonder what ever happened to him wither the cleanup ladies found him or whither he ran out naked,that was just one of many horror stories I have lived through(so far)
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    What a debacle. Get some control of those guys, quickly!
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    Nov 7, 2001
    hello, er...my story?
    i had my first punk gig a while back, in a ****ty little pub in the middle of one of the worst estates in london. we had some other band set it up for us, so that part was easy. but the actual gig sucked, mainly cos HALF WAY THROUGH 1ST SET WE PLAYED, we got thrown out, along with all the kids that came to see us, 300 people were thrown out. all cos some little wanker that hadnt reached puberty had a drink at the bar. the bouncer just pulled the plug, came to the front, told us to get out, and started chuckin people out the door! its like, ****ING WAIT DUDE, we shouldve at least been able to finnish our set first.....anyway, it aint that bad a story. but its true, im only 15, stuff like that scares me ;) im a good boy i am :rolleyes: oh yeh, and we played at school once (cos we were in a slum) and there was a kinda riot, all the kids started chairs at us cos they were all garage heads. so we got kinda violent, and before you knew it, the hall was kinda bloodstained.i still have bruises. but we showed them what punk was for.
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    Our first gig we played witha top band,. but we went on first. no-one turned up (except the singers rellies) and the crowd trickled in halfway through our last song.

    Oh well, least the rellies won't be coming back