Horribly dubbed kung-fu movies...

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  1. List your favorite horribly dubbed kung-fu movies. Also suggestions on what could possibly be the worst of all. Kung Pow Enter the Fist doesn't count, since it was done like that intentionally.

    My choice for worst dub:

    Jackie Chan's 36 Crazy Fists

    Favorite movie:

    Jet Li's Fearless

    Ok, your turn. Have at it.
  2. No entry- sorry, just bumping and saying *subbed for Netflix queue suggies*
  3. How about "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow", starring Jackie Chan?
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    What's Up Tiger Lily? Ok not a real Kung movie but really funny.
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    Kung pow? :ninja:
  6. Not really a kung-fu movie, but if you haven't seen Tarantino's "The Mighty Peking Man"; your in for a treat. It's a hilarious spoof on King Kong movies. They went out of their way to make sure the dubbing was out of sinc, the ape costume looked like a rug with slippers, the toy tonka trucks were a riot to see, and complete with a hot blond always almost losing her top running though the jungle. They spent maybe a whole $10 on the special effects! Worth watching.
  7. 1: (Ricki-Oh), 2: (Deadly China Hero),...!
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    ALL overdubbed movies are horrible! Subtitles for me please.
  9. Subtitles removes the humor of WHY we watch the horribly dubbed kung-fu movies. There are 2 reasons to buy/rent/watch kung-fu movies.... great martial arts, and completely horrible dub-work that we can make fun of mst3k style.
  10. Wait a minute, that's actually a good movie.

    "Hero", also starring Jet Li, is probably one of my 5 or 10 favorite movies of any genre. Good story, beautiful photography, and incredible action sequences.
  11. And that's why it's my favorite. But the dubwork still wasn't that great. Li's speaking parts were fine, but the rest of the cast were a bit off sync in the dub, and the voice still didn't fit some of the characters.
  12. Sleeping Fist. Bloody shocker!
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    " Oh , hello mother "