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  1. I am currently using a warwick corvette standard w/active pickups and running it through a GK800RB w/2 peavey 115BVX cabs. It seems that the signal from my warwick is way too hot for my amp and distorts my low notes. I have my low cut filter on, -15db pad and bass turned down , as well as my preamp disabled on my bass. After all of this it leaves me with having to turn my amp up all the way and still am too quiet. If anyone has an idea or have run into this problem with warwicks, please let me know. Ive also had everything checked out - bass, amp, and speakers are working fine.
  2. You say that the bass, amp and speakers are working fine but lets face it, the distortion has got to be coming from at least one of these three.
    Have you tried another bass through your rig to see if it still distorts?
    Or your Warrick through another rig?
    Try another cab with your amp and bass to eliminate the possibility of a bad speaker.
    This process should help pinpoint the real source of the problem.
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    my warwick would distort if my battery was low... ?
  4. I've got a Warwick Corvette Jazzman, and have the exact same problem running through a GK400RB combo. both the combo and the bass are brand new, and have tested my old bass through the amp and it works fine.

    I also use a SansAmp DI box, and find that i can turn the level down on that in order to keep the output level of the bass in check and this tends to work 90% of the time unless i really dig in, in which case i dont mind a little bit of distortion. Hope that helps? The new Warwicks do have very hot outputs, though when i was testing the bass through an old SWR combo, i didnt have a problem, and that was without the SansAmp, so i dont know if the GK is just not good at taking the high output of the bass.

  5. Where is your volume knob set on the 800RB? If you have it up pretty high, try this.

    pad in, volume at about 11 oclock, boost all the way up, master output at about 3 oclock. That should give you plenty of volume with a clean, fat signal. leave the low cut out and keep the eq fairly close to center. If it doesn't clean it up, turn the master down to pretty quiet and tell me if you are still getting distortion at low volumes. And just for grins, try using different cables.

    Let me know how it goes.
  6. thanks for the ideas
    GK adjustments and the sansamp, i will try these out
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