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Hot Spot monitor????

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by Johnny Atomic, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. I've been thinking lately about getting a hot spot monitor to use w/ my DB.

    Lately I've been using a small Marshall 1x10 cab w/ the driver replaced with a JBL D110F. I've got a 47uf cap on it, crossing it at roughly 400hz and up. I run it off the high side amp of my old GK 800RB, but i don't run the amp biamp, I run it full range. That way the High Master volume, acts as a volume for just the mid/highs. And the Low amp pushes my 2x12. By running it full range the tweeter still works on the 2x12.

    Has anyone ever used a hot spot monitor with their DB to accomplish the same thing??? they're tiny, light and cheap. :hyper:

    I was thinking i could put a speaker mount cup in the top of my cab or rack case to mount the hot spot on. That way i have a directional "monitor" for my mids/highs.

  2. smogg


    Mar 27, 2007
    NPR, Florida
    I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
    hot spots work great for low volume vocals but i don't think it will cut it tone wise for bass. jmho mind you
  3. Johnny Atomic;
    I used to own two passives galaxy hot spots.
    And I once borrowed a powered hot spot (PA5XD) to try exactly what you are describing.
    It was for a loud outdoor concert that was to be recorded from the board for a CD.
    I had played there before and had a real problem with hearing myself, and the sound guys sent the bass back at me in a wedge and of course there was feedback.
    The powered hot spot worked fine as a pitch reference but as smogg points out there was no low end. But the was fine I just wanted to hear myself so could play in tune and not be embarrassed by the CD. The best part is the DAT off the board disappeared.

    I think those passive hot spots are 16 OHMS, don't know if that is going to work with your GK 800RB. I used to use the two I had at an Italian restaurant duo gig and they worked fine for 'just a bit of help' amplification. Plus the were almost invisable. But for monitor use I think a powered one would be the ticket as you would have more control over tone and volume and just run it off a line out or something. Maybe you can find one to borrow. They also have a new powered micro spot.

  4. Sorry for the confusion, I was thinking of using this in conjunction w/ a 2x12 or other bass cab. Using the hotspot as a directional monitor to help my pitch and intonation, and to allow my fingerboard slaps to come through more clearly.
  5. Johnny Atomic
    sorry I wasn't clear
    when I used the powered hot spot it was with an AI amp with a 2x10 eden with a line from effects send of a focus to a powered hot spot on a mic stand pointed at my face.

    the part about using the two passive cabs at an Italian restaurant was just a 'bonus story' to show that the monitors could work in a pinch for soft sound reinforcement with some help from acoustic coupling by setting them on the floor.
  6. Bofee


    Aug 19, 2005
    Grass Valley, CA
    The TC Helicon VoiceSolo spot monitors are much better sounding, particularly the 300P. They have lots of flexibility, power and tone shaping, though at a price.
  7. Saw in a store yesterday Peavey makes a clone of the hot spot. Anybody compared the hot spot to the peavey knock-off.

  8. steve in tampa

    steve in tampa

    Jan 11, 2006
    Mackie makes a clone too, for the same price as a HotSpot.
  9. dcr

    dcr Supporting Member

    Hey Bud!

    Personally, I think that gosh-awful racket you make with Josh will kill that poor little HotSpot in about 15 minutes.....:D

    How about a somewhat larger monitor, like a small 10" or 12" on a pole stand?


  10. Thanks for your support :eek:
  11. dcr

    dcr Supporting Member

    Aw, now!Mea Culpa! :oops:

    Actually, one of the groups (with Mark Hays) that I used to do sound for used HotSpots for a while. I say for a while, because they gave up after the lead vocalist blew up (I think) three of them. And they were probably no louder on stage than you guys!

    I still think you'd be better off with that Marshall 1x10 you were talking about on an elevated amp stand down front or a speaker/monitor on a pole-mount up high.

  12. I actually had to google "Mea Culpa" :confused:

    You're probably right, I think I blew the JBL friday night :bassist: :D :bassist: :D


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