Hot Wire basses?

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  1. Anyone own or tried one of these? I´m gassing for a Sadowsky but with my income. It might take TOO long to get one :crying: What I´m really looking for is a very good Jazz-bass, and from my experience from Talkbass Sadowsky seems to bee the JAZZ BASS! After some research I found Hot-Wire bass in Germany (I´m from Sweden) I´m thinking of a vintage or a funky 77 model 4-string. with a Aguilar preamp.
    Does anyone have experience of these basses. How far is it from the Sadowsky in quality?
  2. You´re absolutely right, about others opinion. I mean if you got a good bass, you tell everybody that your bass is GOOD. :D I have a Miller bass but its something with the neck. When hit the E-string there is a big click sound. I have tried every adjustment I can do, I think it has to do with the fretting. Therefor I´m looking for a GOOD JAZZ :bassist: :bassist:
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    Hi everyone, I am actually a hotwire owner. I play the same bass as Kai does (with a different finish, mine is the one under his on the website that says it was just shipped off to berkeley). I am actually a student of Kai's which is how I found out about these great basses. I have not played very many other Jazz basses besides Lull's, so I can't give you much of a comperison. I am sure you will be very happy with either. I would just suggest you think about going with troditional woods a well, like an alder body. As for hotwire basses go, it is the only bass I play and it has a very clean crisp, honest sound. (not to mention a great slap sound). If you are going to get a hotwire think about the big apple bass also I would think about getting there preamp and not an aguilar (while I love aguilar there is something special about a bass that has hotwire pickups and there own preamp) Take care.