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  1. hey yall, bein the gearhead that i am im lookin to hotrod my gsr200. im lookin at the emg pj pickups. is this to way to go? i play black sabbath, ozzy, scorpions ect. it has d addario steel strings.45-105. whats yall think? all opinions welcome since this is all new to me. thanks, mike
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    Feb 12, 2005
    EMGs are always good :D
    but seeing as you have a lower end bass it might not make THAT much differance.

    maybe some seymour Duncans?
  3. the ibanez was my first bass so i cant part with it. but i cant leave anything alone either. my jackson has seymour duncans just lookin for somethin different. actually i just want to mess with somethin and seein i aint got that much into it i figured what the hey.
  4. for the tone of my bargain bassment Tradition B105. I liked the sound so much I later added an emg btc preamp. It's a basswood body with a maple neck and it still sounds better than some of my more "respectable" basses. Snarls like crazy and the boom can make your ears itch. Unfortunately, adding $300.00 worth of electronics to a $100.00 bass yields a $100.00 bass that cost you $400.00. If you're going to keep the thing, hot rod away. Just don't count on getting your money back when you sell it. Good luck!