how about this chain?

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  1. dadodetres


    Dec 19, 2004
    im trying to set up my effect board.

    this is what i got for now, help me order the pedals correctly and advice me in what in doing incorrtly

    Bass--> looper--> EQ1-->EQ2-->AMP
    I-->Boss DD6 delay-->Boss Flanger-->other

    the EQ`s are both BOSS 7 band eq, one with a mid boost and the other with a V type shape for picking.

    the looper may be a aramat simple loop, or maybe a BOSS LS-2 and ill do somethiong about the 2nd loop, maybe a tuner. but i readed that the LS-2 really destroys your tone and iits not treu bypass.

    the OTHER pedal may be a BOSS PW-10 which is a wha wha and has the wha "voice" effect, and also a vibrato kind of effect. or may also be a ibanez synth, ill be using a los the HOLD function on the delay, and start tweeking knobs, so i want something that can gve me psycodelic weird effects.

    i also have a BOSS limiter/enhencer pedal, but i dont know if i have to put it in the begining of the chain to give the effects a more stable siganl, or to put it at the end to adjust any big dinamycs change i can make with the delay.

    im using a fender 77 jazz bass and a SWR/yamaha RIG.

    what would you recomend me to do here? i already have the 2 EQs, the limiter/enhencer, the flanger and the PW-10

    i also have a KORG AX1B which is great, but i dont know if ill be needing it here. and a sansamp bass driver, which i dig the tone, and i can maybe replace the V shaped EQ with it.....
  2. dadodetres


    Dec 19, 2004
    the DD6 delay-->Boss Flanger-->other goes in the effect loop of the looper.