How are the sounds of Ernie Ball roundwound custom gauge strings? Pink packaging.

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  1. I am debating whether to equip my jazz bass with Rotosound or Ernie Ball. I honestly didn't know different strings produced different sounds...what's the anatomy behind that?
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    It's a difference between selection and source of materials, formulas and designs for each of the types and gauges, and the process used to manufacture the strings.
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    You are comparing two different types of strings:

    Ernie Ball Nickel Wound Slinky = Nickel Plated Steel w/ Tin Coated Hex-Core wire
    Rotosound Swing Bass 66's = Stainless Steel w/ Hex-Core

    The Rotosound are a little brighter, while the slinky are still bright they are a little warmer.

    Ultimately what kind of tone are you after? What kind of music are you playing? There are many different types of strings and tones available than just the off the shelf "nickel plated steel"
  4. A combo of a good bottom end and a distinct growl that geddy Lee has
  5. Everyone should experience Rotosound 66s on a Jazz bass at least once. Get the .105 gauge.
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    Rotosound then.
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    Mind you that that sound is a combination of:

    1.- maple necked 70s Jazz Bass
    2.- Rotosound steel rounds
    3.- three blended bass signals (IIRC straight through tube DI, Sansamp RBI/RPM for dirt, tube DI + speaker sim).
    3.- Geddy Lee's fingers :)
  8. The first two are possible. The third....ill let you know in twenty years. And the
  9. I've always gotten the .105 gauge because anything lower will cause rattling and that dreaded A rattle despite the fact I wrapped it to the bottom on the tuning head.