How best to approach learning this when both hands need help

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    Since 'picking' up the bass a few years ago, I've primarily learned with my fingers. However, some of my favorite bass lines in songs are just repetative 8th or 16th notes with a pick that i would like to start to learn to play along to. My problem is 2 fold with Future Islands 'Vireos Eye': I'm so focused on keeping my picking notes solid with every stroke that it's slowing me down being able to make the quick change going from pinkie (C#) to ring (F) to pinkie (F#) to index finger (A#) on my left hand, & that's when everything turns to ****.

    Is this when I need to just slow everything down to a comfortable pace, and practice it a little quicker each time ... working up to the 8/16ths? Worry about the speed later, right? Essentially, I'm trying to learn two different things at once ... Picking and the quick change with the left.

    Any recommended videos for this type of thing?

    Here's a perfect visual of the bass part right in the beginning of this video:
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    In a word....yes. :thumbsup:
  3. Agree with fearceol. Your target tune put me in mid of a speeded up 'Enola Gay' by OMD, so that might be a good starting point:

    One thing that does worry me slightly is the bassists right hand technique in the Future Islands video... IMO it's way too rigid & dependent on his forearm, if I tried that, my arm would probably lock up solid well before the end & I'd be all over the place. A better approach is to let your wrist do most of the work as it's got way more flexibility & with practice allows for serious speed without discomfort:

    Oh, & don't forget to hit on the upstrokes too - double the bang for the same buck.

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    Right on. After a few days of practicing it, both hands are working better together. I didn't realize he was using only down strokes until I saw the vid... It does seem to go against the economy of motion I've always been taught.

    The OMD song is similar. & Who doesn't love Lemmy? Roar!!