How can I improve this model? (Drawing)

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  1. I am currently trying to improve this plan for my next bass build. It’s based on a CB bass but I want it to be more unique. If one of you guys want to screenshot the drawing and add something to it, I’d be very happy to build it. :) 0384B1EA-3DBB-4796-9C60-B6FAD8AEC357.jpeg
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  2. Bruce Johnson

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    Aw, c'mon, ed666! You are at the most fun stage of designing and building a bass! This is where you get to bring out your inner creativity and make your bass really cool. I know you have it in you. Don't try to pass the creativity on to us. We'll suggest things that you probably won't like. You come up with the ideas that you like, and we'll give you honest opinions. If you want them. But you don't have to accept them. Whatever you do, don't design your bass by taking votes from a committee. That's guaranteed failure.

    The point is: Don't design your bass to be what you think other people will like. Design it to be what you personally think is the coolest bass ever.
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  3. Thanks! I appreciate your response allot and I’m going to continue the brainstorming to make it my « dream bass »
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    Welcome Ed666! I agree with Bruce above that your ideas will probably satisfy you the most. :D

    That said, I'm hoping you have also checked out:
    Carl Thompson
    May Basses (Shawn May)

    I also modified a scroll bass of sorts for the last Winter Build Off - you can see what I did here. Winter Build Off 2022 - The Crook

    Keep posting your work, you'll get lots of encouragement here! :thumbsup:
  5. Hello beej! Yes I know Carl Thompson, he is actually the one who inspired me to make basses as my first bass was a scroll:

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  6. Well, if we needed any proof that you can design a cool bass, there it is! It's clearly its own thing, different from other people's basses, and your new one is heading there too. Have at it!
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  7. Dang! Now I suddenly feel an urge to come up with a unique design for the next Winter Build Off!
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  8. micguy


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    So, it's half Carl Thomson, and half Warwick (Your thumb is actually more of a thumb than their thumb). I'd suggest doing something that isn't strongly reminiscent of a well known bass builder. Take inspiration from something beside a bass, perhaps. Do you love Cars? Architecture? Animals? Fruit? - take a shape from something else and throw it into the mix.

    The design is fairly generic on the sides, and more interesting (but still a bit derivative) at the top and bottom of the body. Keep trying!
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  9. SuadAnny


    Nov 29, 2022
    I would love to see it in some crazy color, like bold red or smth. And a bit shiny, or maybe with some glitter. That would look very provocative and interesting. I like everything bright and shiny. I even draw myself things like anime, people's portraits, and even cartoon caricature. That is my favorite hobby, which relaxes me after a hard working day; I even think of changing my job to something more creative. I think all artists have their vision of creating beauty, but I hope you like my idea. I'm waiting for the final result!
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