How can we get good monitoring?

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  1. Hello guys,

    Had a tough show last night and thought some of you could guide me on what to do next time something like that happens (see below).

    Basically, it was a four-band "Battle of the bands" sort of show. Guitarists and bassists had to play on supplied backlines and drummers brang only hardware and cymbals. The first band could soundcheck, but for the others it was only a 10 minute changeover (line check).

    Here's our problem : how can we get good monitoring on stage when we don't even have time to balance the monitors? The soundman did all he could, but then when he left the stage he became only a FOH soundman since the monitor mixing console was on the stage.

    Once the show started I couldn't hear the bass unless I stood right in front of the cab (which is not my style, really) and the only thing I heard was the lead vocals, really loud, through all 4 (!) monitors I had. Needless to say it was a tough night for my back vocals as well since I couldn't perceive them. My drummer had nothing except kick drum, and the worst, my singer told me after the show that he barely heard himself, and when he did it was from my monitors....

    We managed to win the battle but then we move on to the quarter finals next month and it would be nice to finally have a good stage sound... Is there an approach we should take, something we should tell the soundman before he leaves the stage?

    Any thoughts/advice?
  2. gareth dunster

    gareth dunster

    Dec 8, 2009
    If you dont have any time you're stuffed.
    You can only try to get the vocals as good as possible and do the rest from the backline.
    In terms of not hearing your bass, why didn't you turn it up, were you DI'd with no amp?
  3. There really is no sure fire solution. All you can do is work with the amps you have. However, make sure the each member of the band band can play and sing through all the tunes all by themselves, without changing tempo, and make sure they know the drum parts, so they can use them as a cue for where they are in the song. Know your bass part so well you can play the set with no amplification. Prepare the band for any on stage disaster, short of death, and expect it to happen. And something will happen, for sure.

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