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How did you afford your first bass?

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by josiah goldfish, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. I everyone
    I've been looking to buy my first db, and I'm considering buying a thomann one.
    1) how did you afford your first bass
    2) are thomanns any good?
  2. pnchad


    Nov 3, 2005
    I know it seems impossible but if you can find a temporary solution, I.e. Renting, have patience.

    The ply basses at $3k can be nice but many have located older rougher basses for <$1k and then invest in repairs/setup.

    I have 2 DBs right now, paid $700 $ $850 respectively, put time & another $1k into them.

    They are worth $5 - $8k each now!
  3. off-topic


    Nov 5, 2003
    Tel Aviv
    I was looking for a first bass for my son and was offered a really good deal - $1,700 for a 1960 Romanian bass, fully carved, in good condition. It was worth at least twice what I paid. I guess I was just lucky, it was the first bass I looked at so my search was about one hour long.
  4. My first upright was a stick bass, a short time after my parents had given me access to my ISA/Savings account that they had been making me put money into for years as a kid. That didn't last long, it was an impulse buy but one that was just waiting to happen ever since I was a kid!

    I just walked past a music shop, saw it in the window and owned it about 10 minutes later!

    That sounds all rather privilaged, but it really wasn't a lot and wasn't a great bass, but it got me started. When it died a death I got a cheap as chips acoustic, by that time I was working but also young and happy with living in squalor so I just splashed half a months earnings and just ate pasta. I was so much more willing to do that those days, I'd be playing a vuillaume if I could do that now. maybe.

    As for Thomanns being any good, I've not used one named straight up as a Thomann, but they seem to be a strong European supplier of Strunal basses, I played one of those and thought it was very good for the money!
  5. I afforded my bass from my bank account. I don't charge things 1000s of dollars. I looked at a lot in my price range, played a lot of different ones and bought one. Looking for a used one was a part of the criteria too. I found a used bass for what I wanted to spend and ├╝ber happy.:)

    They can be really expensive! I played some many times my budget to get a barometer of what a super nice one sounded and played like.

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