How do go about lowering the action on my bass?

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  1. I have an Ibanez SR405 5-String, and the action is a little high on it and i know the neck isnt warped and im not sure if i should lower the saddles but if someone can help me out on this i would really appreciate it thanks
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  3. thanks dude i did that, thanks alot, but its what i thought it wasent, the neck is warped after all how do i fix that? i would really really appreciate it if someone would give me some help on this ok thanks.
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    There are ways to adjust the neck to bow it or flatten it via the truss rod(s) inside. If you've never done it, take it to a tech at your local shop.

    If you can't do that, contact Ibanez for a users manual.

    All this adjusting going on, you'd better also ask how to do your intonation.

    Best bet, take it to a pro to do it but ask if he/she can tell you how it's done.
  5. hey thanks man thanks a alot dude cause as a matter a fact there is a guitar shop right down the road from my house and im real good friends with the guy who owns it and he does all the tech stuff im probably gonna go do it tommorow, thanks again. :bassist:
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    I am moving this to the Setup forum. Biocide, go to the Setup forum and do a search. You should find lots of threads on adjusting the truss rod.