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How do I calibrate a WH-4 whammy pedal?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by ndrly, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. I tried out the current Whammy model (AKA the WH-4) on guitar, and I must say, it's pretty over rated...

    The tracking isn't as good as I'd hoped. It doesn't pitch bend until the pedal is rocked all the way forward. Maybe Digitech should improve this model. Give it the same chip as the original model or something.

    Please don't tell me to look on eBay for an older model. I cannot be bothered.
  2. The one you tried wasn't calibrated.


    A thread I made with me going through every setting of the Whammy IV with a bass.

    It could be better, yes, but it gets the job done and I have no major complaints.
  3. I don't get this "calibration"...
  4. That'll be why you didnt like the pedal ;)
  5. Yeah. But can you tell me what calibration means, and how to calibrate a whammy pedal?
  6. hold down the footswitch when you turn the unit on. Rock the treadle and watch the little LEDs light up, release the footswitch. Calibrated.

    It should have pitch bending happening at any movement of the pedal. Some consider the sweep of the pedal a bit limited, but it definately does bend.
  7. Thanks. I'll remember that next time I try out/buy a whammy pedal.
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