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How do I earn a living playing bass?

Discussion in 'Ask Mike Watt [Archived]' started by Brian456or10, Apr 8, 2002.

  1. Hi Mike,

    I know it must seem like an over-generalized question, but do you have any advice for an above average bassist looking for paying gigs? Here's a rundown of my situation...

    I've been a part-time player for over 19yrs, and I can play just about anything (within reason) by ear. I've got the BIT version of music theory under my belt, although I know I'll probably need to brush up on it if I want to go pro. While I can simulate many styles, my forte is rock, and I play in a band which I'd like to keep as my main focus. The band makes some money, but not enough to live on. I lost my job as a video editor, and I'm seriously thinking about jumping into the session scene to try and eke out a living doing what I do best -- playing music (I play guitar and piano too).

    I'm totally naive about what paying gigs are out there, and how to get them. How far can I get with a great ear and somewhat clunky theory? Where should I start? Should I approach a talent agent? I live near Chicago.
  2. you could always sell yr soul and join a cover band? otherwise i'd say just get out there and start playing with people and start chuggin away. if you are an eduacted musician and not a self taught musical moron like myself you can always give lessons privately, there's always $ to be made in that. i know you wanted watt's advice but i thought maybe mine could help.

    good luck,


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