how do I get that "farting/growling" type tone?

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  1. I'm sittin here listening to Grammatrain's "for me" (cool band, cool song). the bass really cuts through, but in a really pleasing way IMO. this may be the sound I've been searching for. I don't think the bass is being distorted or overdrivin, but I could be wrong.

    if you know the song or the sound I'm discribing and know how to achive it, please drop a post:D
  2. beans... onions... should get you there
  3. I get that sound by turning the bass knob up and treble down and playing the bass through a normal guitar amp or speakers that cant handle such low frequencies.
  4. burger king onion rings:D got me some killer tone the other night!

    lizard king,
    I know what your talking about, but thats not the sound. its more of a clean, roundwound, bassy, thumpy, grindy, kind of type tone thingy.;)
  5. Robert B

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    Jan 21, 2000
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    What works for me (on Fender or Fender-style basses): Add moderate relief to the neck and lower the action.

    For more "grunt": lower highs on bass and increased low-mids and mids on amp.
  6. You mean the Jack Bruce angle? Dig in hard and use a bit of mid-range, I think. Maybe a bit of amp-strangling as well.

    If you like the farty sound you could go for a short scale bass like the Gibson EB-3. 30" I believe.
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    Jul 26, 2000
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    my univox hi-flyer growls like a sumbitch.
    short scale, old humbuckers

    i can make the rick growl by using lots of low mid's and pushing the pre-amp a little more than usual. too much and it farts though, and nobody wants to hear that
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    Mar 18, 2001
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    try playin through a 18in subwoofer.
  9. TO get that kind of sound I :

    1.-Put the pickup selector on the jazz p-up of the bridge position
    2.-Turn the trebble down, boost the mids and high mids to my taste, and add a little bit of bass.
    3.- Dig in harder than normal.;)

    (i think the compressor also produces a growling sound, but only when i play really hard)
  10. cool, I think some of you guys know what I'm talking about. I might not have discribed it properly (I don't know how you would) though.
    anyway, I will try to attach a sample of the song that contains the bass sound. its a small file so us 56k guys can check it out too.
  11. farting sound? Blow a speaker;)
  12. i;m using a fender Frontman 15W. its my current setting. put the bass at 3 'o clock. the mids all the way. and treble at 1 and 1/2 'o clock
  13. along comes the tone chef...

    First off set your bass and treble flat, boost 350-560Hz +8dB, 350-440Hz works best to get that farting sound IMO and 180-220Hz +4-5dB. You have a few options on your high mids @ around 1.6-3kHz you can either cut or boost them to get more of a farting honk noise boost them +4dB or for a more growling noise cut them -8-9dB. Tailor your eq around those settings until your happy with the tone. If you would like a more gnarly midrange honk add a mild overdrive boosting your input signal... Hope that helps you.
  14. This applies to SWR tube preamp heads (which can be overdriven before clipping).

    With EQ set flat:

    To get a farting/growling type tone set your Fulltone Bass Drive with Tone at 1:00, Overdrive at 10:00, and pull the Volume up for Compression cut, set at 10:30. A little lower or higher depending on active output or if it's a passive bass.

    A light attack will produce a fat bass tone.
    Dig in a just little harder and growl will emerge.
    A firm attack will cause a fart upon plucking and then growl.

    The combination of an analog overdrive pushing a quality preamp tube into overdrive equals "sweetness."