How do I gig or live as a solo musician

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  1. SabilTheBassist


    Dec 5, 2020
    So I can't find band because there is covid 19 and also I'm just a kid (i have no friends that has instrument skills)
  2. Hi Sabil. I read in your profile you are 10 years old.

    Most musos are really struggling with this, at any age. I’d suggest learning from bass covers of songs on YouTube.
  3. AGCurry

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    Jun 29, 2005
    St. Louis
    Sabil, we don't know where you are, but at your age, school and extracurricular programs and camps are the first places you should look for chances to collaborate with other musicians.
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    Maybe you'd get more luck asking on the Bass Guitar side of Talkbass.
    Good luck nevertheless!
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